An Introduction to Cancer Exercise
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By: Andrea Leonard B.A., C.S.C.S., C.E.S., P.E.S.
Course Description:
By 2030 there will be over 20 million cancer survivors in the US and almost 200,000 newly diagnosed every year. Surgery, including amputations, and treatment will leave patients with muscle imbalances and range of motion limitations and out them at risk for heart and lung damage, osteoporosis, and diabetes: all can be prevented and/or managed with exercise. Use this course to be prepared to: identify muscle imbalances and correct postural deviations following cancer surgery and treatment, identify and correct range of motion limitations following cancer surgery and treatment, prevent, identify, and manage lymphedema, prescribe a comprehensive, individualized recovery program that will improve a patient's quality of life and minimize the risk of comorbidities.

Course Format:
1. Course Handbook 120 pages (Download PDF)
2. 50 Question Multiple Choice Online Exam (80% or better required to pass exam)

Education Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: None
Successful completion of the quiz is necessary to receive Continuing Education Credit.
Approved for:
    3.0American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
    0.3Aquatic Therapy & Rehabilitation Institute (ATRI)
    0.3National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC)
    1.5National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF)
    3.0National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA)
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Course Objectives:
After completing this course you will be able to:
  1. Master the basics about cancer, including the acute and chronic side-effects
  2. Understand exercise contraindications in people undergoing cancer treatment, and how to modify exercise accordingly
  3. Learn how to prevent and manage lymphedema
  4. Know the limitations associated with exercising with cancer-related health complications.
  5. Understand how to correct muscle imbalances and ROM limitations following surgery/treatment.
System Requirements to View This Course
This course is tablet enabled and can be viewed on an iPad or Android tablet as well as a PC or MAC Computer